Blue Jeans Blue / Frankly Wow - Vinyl LP
Blue Jeans Blue / Frankly Wow - Vinyl LP

Blue Jeans Blue / Frankly Wow - Vinyl LP

Chalet Musique
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  • Translucent blue vinyl record 140 g
  • Includes a card with the lyrics of all the songs

Album tracks:

In front of
1. Fried fruit challenge
2. Fifth Wheel
3. Harm to life
4. The Sandwich Man in Tights (feat. Lisa Leblanc)
5. Yoga pants

Side B
1. Small pudding
2. It was way too hot for coquetry
3. Easter Coconut for Christmas
4. He will never give up
5. Oh baby

Bleu Jeans Bleu returns with a second cake and an arsenal of potential earworms. More garnished, more rock, more soul, the grandiose Frankly Wow reflects the stage energy of the band. On the new album, the denim-clad quartet praises fried fruit, pudding, hangovers and Winnebagos. We stay in the effective country-soul-alternative sauce, but we add a hint of disco-gluttony. The smile should remain split...

This time, the objective was also to think through all the subtleties of this intentionally dubious project. In addition to directing and producing this second album, Mathieu Lafontaine and Christian-Adam Gilbert chose to launch it on their brand new independent label Chalet Musique. As much to take control as to be able to work without limits, the goal remained to make good music that feels good. Because if the project was initially reserved for friends, since the release of the first long play cleverly named Haute Couture (Gold) in November 2013, the Bleu have done more than fifty shows — Festival d'été de Québec, International hot air balloons from Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, Woodstock en Beauce, Place des Arts. From this album were born the songs Vulnerable like a baby cat and J'te gâte all dressed, widely deployed on commercial radio, the second ending 2015 in 3rd position in the top French-speaking list of the year at CKOI 96.9.

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