Brown Family / Brown - CD

Brown Family / Brown - CD

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Brown Family is the most recent effort (re-)uniting on record two brothers who have already forever left their personal mark on Quebec hip-hop – Snail Kid (Dead Obies) and Jam (K6A, Jam and P-Dox, Alaclair Ensemble ) – to their father of Jamaican origin Robin Kerr (Uprising).

At a time of linguistic controversies and debates around Quebec identity and culture, Brown Family offers us the fruit of a family tree with a mixed core celebrating the notions of hybrid and diversity through pieces bringing together the old to the new guard; roots-reggae to dancehall; rap from the golden age to that of the new school. Easily reconciling the opposite poles against the backdrop of a noisy party, Brown Family reveals itself as the best kept secret of a scene in full turmoil.

Album tracks:

2. Complex
3. Brown Baby
4. How much real
5. Lady
6. Young old
7. Lonely
8. Nwiggas
9. Black White
10. Me No Care
11. Spring Again
12. Umbrella
13. Start end