Cayouche / The best tunes - LP Vinyl + CD
Cayouche / The best tunes - LP Vinyl + CD

Cayouche / The best tunes - LP Vinyl + CD

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  • Audiophile quality 180g black vinyl record
  • Vinyl record + CD combo

Compilation tracks:


In front of
1. The bingo queen
2. You flushed me
3. I am 40 years old
4. My tractor chain
5. Drunk driving

Side B
1. Portrait of my father
2. The clock quai inn
3. Children with boots
4. Roll, roll
5. Last Call

1. The bingo queen
2. Children with boots
3. My bicycle, my music
4. My tractor chain
5. This is my Acadia
6. The clock quai inn
7. You flushed me
8. André’s little Jeep
9. Roll, roll
10. Portrait of my father
11. I remember it
12. The tymus
13. I am 40 years old
14. Drunk driving
15. Bootlegger
16. Grandpa Jos
17. My boyfriend’s fridge
18. Winter is coming
19. The good old days
20. At camp
21. Last Call

Cayouche ’s “ The Best Songs ” is exactly that. A “Best Of” style compilation from this Acadian singer. All songs were remastered by Philip Gosselin at Le Lab Mastering studio in Montreal from the original tapes.

Active in the entertainment world since 1994, he has since produced 5 albums and hundreds of shows. Cayouche being known more for its unifying and festive shows maintains constant popularity across the country and in Europe. The “Cayouche Phenomenon” makes all generations, whether they know it or not, sing and dance. He is among the only artists in the history of Acadian popular music to have sold more than 100,000 albums. Cayouche represents one of the best festival shows.

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