Céline Banza / Praefatio - CD

Céline Banza / Praefatio - CD

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Album tracks:

1. Tere Mbi
2. Songo Te He
3. On the pavement
4. Rain (feat. Sarah Bitamazire)
5. Na Mileli
6. Zingo
7. Mbi Ndo Yemo
8. Mbi Gwe
9. Mbi Yemo Si Baba
10. Is It Love?
11. Departure (feat. Youssoupha)
12. Mbi Lo
13. Legigi No Gbi

She must not stop believing, she must not stop dreaming. “This art which was supposed to destroy her, instead kept her alive…” Today, she is here, with her music and her guitar; although she would have loved to play with the one her late father gave her 15 years ago. It is with these memories that she now draws her life, that she worked on this album, the preface to her career...

Praefatio ” is the first album by CÉLINE BANZA … Signed by Bomayé Musik Africa, she reveals to us this opus rich in sound, for which we let ourselves be lulled by the soft and beautiful voice of this rising star of African music.

This is an album of great musicality, as the accompaniments in no way steal the spotlight either from the performer or from his melancholic melodies; his studies in ethnomusicology have positively boosted his creativity. In addition, she chose to highlight her culture and identity, by singing in her mother tongue, Ngbandi. This is Céline’s musical preface… “ Praefatio ”, we will remember it for a long time!