Chaffrail / We have fun - CD

Chaffrail / We have fun - CD

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When this album was released, the group Chaffrail was made up of 5 members. The Chaffrail group is an unusual musical group very well known by the Acadian population. Chaffrail moved more than one person during their shows with their unique rhythm. Their style of music is unique, it is very inviting and proudly reflects Acadian folklore.

All songs are compositions by Denise Daigle Bourgeois and a few by Monique Caissie and Mariette Richard .

Album tracks:

1. Tat tempt tu – Reel Chaffri
2. The picaya
3. Reel Chaffrail
4. Old Jadus – Toune ruin-babine
5. The Bottle – Reel Bootlegger
6. Shine your little shoes
7. Dances of yesteryear
8. Girl like me – Reel lady says
9. All night
10. Take your hand away – Hurrah for the wedding
11. We have fun
12. Mardi-gras d’ch’nous – Reel d’a customs
13. Long live life – Reel Ste-Nitouche
14. The shipwreck – Reel of the storm