Chaffrail / Another one boils!!! - CD

Chaffrail / Another one boils!!! - CD

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When this 2nd album was released in 2015, the group Chaffrail reorganized with a few new members in order to continue in a ''kitchen party'' style with original compositions mainly by Monique Caissie and Mariette Richard (M & M ).

Chaffrail is an unusual musical group very well known by the Acadian population. The origin of the name of the group "Chaffrail" comes from an old expression used in Acadia, which means a din of music.

Album tracks:

1. Chaffri Labotte
2. Chaffrail 2 step
3. My little guy
4. Chaffrail sings the bolduc
5. Pope Jigs / Jacksons's Jig / Swallow Point jig
6. Run the paths
7. It changed
8. It's the holidays
9. The Bride / Grooms Reel
10. The world is small
11. Camille / Jig Thébeau
12. M & M favorite reels / Sheehan Reel / Sandy McIntyre's trip to Boston