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Chick'N Swell ‎/ Victo Racing - CD

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Chick 'N Swell return with a second song album that marks their 20-year career! Victo Racing is the logical continuation of Victo Power which enjoyed great success with the honorable mention “pirated gold disc”.

Victo Racing is the greatest hits of the album Victo Racing . To achieve this feat, Chick 'N Swell wrote 17 songs and selected the 16 best (plus a hidden one placed between 15 and 17, which they called 16).

Humor that ROCK 'N SWELL and CHICK 'N ROLL.

Album tracks:

1. Your face tells me what
2. Everything is tiguidou
3. For sale for rent sign
4. The most beautiful song
5. LOL (Laugh Out Loud)
6. Asian older woman
7. Funny Man
8. Yay!!!
9. Intergalactic boots
10. The Sylvain brothers
11. Happiness tastes good
12. Patefèdumal
13. Fool me
14. Funeral home
15. The first date
16. The 80s
17. Ti-heart