Claude Cormier / Keep your accent - Volume 2 - CD

Claude Cormier / Keep your accent - Volume 2 - CD

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Claude Cormier nourished his inspiration from the generosity and simplicity of the people he met along the way, who motivated and encouraged him to persevere. His convictions and his inexhaustible desire to succeed in music one day pushed him to go it alone and undertake the career as a solo singer-songwriter that he currently leads.

Following on from Garde ton accent published in 2018, Claude Cormier returns once again to its origins: a festive meeting with a flavor of Irish folk, colorful poetry and the unique language of the Madelinots. The wild sound of the violin, bouzouki, banjo, accordion, guitars and percussion creates this warm and dynamic atmosphere specific to the Acadians of the Islands.

Album tracks:

1. That it never stops
2. My promise
3. A youthful life
4. I am a child of the islands
5. The aurora
6. Life
7. Leaves of Brittany
8. The Northern Irish ballad
9. Love, love
10. Appointment