Claude Gauthier / 50 years later - CD

Claude Gauthier / 50 years later - CD

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A great event: the great Claude Gauthier presents an album of original songs!

After a 50-year career, after having lived years rich in emotions, after a three-year tour and 150 concerts with the show La Boîte à songs staged by Robert Charlebois , Claude Gauthier presents an album about life, love , happiness.

An album of songs, classic, timeless. An album about life that passes, for life that beats. Texts where we feel time, emotion and experience, texts full of beauty, tenderness and poetry, texts carried by his voice, always so magnificent, always so deep.

With 50 years later , Claude Gauthier proves to us that it is never too late to love.

50 years later : Gauthier at his best. Simply moving texts

50 Years Later was produced by Alain Leymonerie with Michel Robidoux on arrangements and guitar.

Album tracks:

1. 50 years later
2. She
3. Where do the birds go to die
4. Go somewhere else
5. Life, life
6. Let the music go
7. Open book
8. Love simply for the sake of loving
9. This child will come
10. Snows
11. After Christmas
12. 103 years old