Cordâme / Da Vinci Inventions - CD
Cordâme / Da Vinci Inventions - CD

Cordâme / Da Vinci Inventions - CD

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  • CD Cardboard sleeve and 8-page booklet

Album tracks:

1. O beata e dolcissima novella
2. Arbor felice
3. Invention 64
4. Arsi, piansi, cantai
5. Salai
6. Interlude
7. Note of love
8. Florence
9. Italy
10. Milan
11. Arno River
12. Vinci

With the constant reinvention of his artistic language at heart, double bassist, composer, arranger and musical director Jean Félix Mailloux took on a colossal challenge. With Cordâme — an ensemble that he masterfully leads and which is completed by the distinguished Marie Neige Lavigne (violin), Sheila Hannigan (cello), Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau (harp), Coral Egan (vocals) and Isaiah Ceccarelli ( battery) — here he can declare: mission accomplished!

First intended to live on stage, the nested project “ Da Vinci Inventions ” has metamorphosed into a lasting version, to be published today on engraving. “I approached this creative project with great enthusiasm and curiosity. For over a year, I immersed myself in the world of Da Vinci by listening to a lot of Italian Renaissance music as well as reading about the man and the history of his time. I wanted to create both a tribute to the abundant imagination of the character, while seizing the opportunity to create music on the rich Italian poetry", testifies the instigator of the project, who signs for the very first time music accompanied by words.