Cordâme / Ravel inspirations - CD

Cordâme / Ravel inspirations - CD

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Album tracks:

1. Prelude to the Tomb of Couperin 4:10
2. Noon 4:38
3. Water games 3:44
4. Oceanos 4:36
5. Pavane for a deceased infanta 7:07
6. Strange dance 5:22
7. Bolero 9:55
8. Phoebe 6:05
9. Piano concerto II 10:08
10. Burdock 5:24
11. The Valley of Bells 6:35
12. Kenny Wheeler 6:14
13. Quartet II 3:53

Cordâme is an ensemble of improvising musicians who continue with their new creation the exploration of French composers, after Satie and Debussy, it is the turn of Maurice Ravel. Always under a new and refreshing look, the composer
and double bassist Jean Félix Mailloux composed pieces inspired by the impressionist universe of Ravel and adapted several of his most famous works. At the crossroads of chamber music and jazz, Cordâme's music creates marvelous sound images representing imaginary landscapes of great beauty.

Cordâme is a finalist for the 2018 RIDEAU Tour Prize
OPUS 2020 prize finalist: Jazz concert of the year

Marie Neige Lavigne, violin; Sheila Hannigan, cello; Jean Félix Mailloux, double bass; Éveline Grégoire-Rousseau, harp; Guillaume Martineau, piano and Mark Nelson, drums.