Dan Bigras / The dog - CD

Dan Bigras / The dog - CD

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Album tracks:

1. The dog
2. Maledetto angelo
3. At our place or at your place (Little Red Riding Hood)
4. Only women
5. I invented despair
6. The deserter
7. A man cries too
8. Everything is disgusting
9. I love you and I don't love you
10. It's always you
11. The woman
12. Sleep my dear (Lullaby for a bottle)
13. Open my heart
14. I raise my glass
15. My tears without your eyes

In The Dog , Dan Bigras ' fifth album, the artist makes full use of his favorite tools: excess and emotional explosion. Bigras has some unique pieces that are worth the detour in themselves: " Maledetto Angelo ", which he performs in Italian, " Seules les femmes ", written with Thierry Séchan , and " Un homme ça cry aussi ", sung in duo with the rough Éric Lapointe . So many well-finished pieces whose raw power generates real emotion.