Daniel Lemiere / Limited Edition Box Set - DVD

Daniel Lemiere / Limited Edition Box Set - DVD

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Technical sheet

French language
Sound: 2.0 stereo
Subtitles: None
Image format: 16:9
Duration: 82 minutes


A DVD including Daniel Lemire's most recent show -100% Lemire as well as a DVD Les grands moments d'Uncle Georges containing the best numbers of his legendary character Uncle Georges. In his show 100% Lemire, the comedian addresses subjects such as the aging of the population which is leading to the “grandfather boomer” generation, politics and its two spades, travel and Mexico. To do this, he calls on his characters: Ronnie will try to obtain medical marijuana, while Uncle Georges, converted into a life coach, will let you benefit from his new wisdom.... In short, the news is reviewed and corrected in Lemire style, all with a production by Denis Bouchard! We recognize him thanks to his classic patois “Hello you!”, this famous clown who is a little tipsy and who scares children more than makes them laugh! Uncle Georges, Daniel Lemire's most popular character, has marked the imagination of Quebecers and has become a must for humor in Quebec. Discover or rediscover the most striking moments of the one that Lemire describes as: “(. ..) a life coach, but one of the only Zen coaches who annoy the world!”