In A Galaxy Near You - DVD

In A Galaxy Near You - DVD

TVA Films
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Technical sheet

French language
Sound: 5.1 Dolby surround
Subtitles: None
Image format: 4/3
Duration: 109 minutes


We are in 2039. The Romano Fafard, spaceship of the first world power, Canada, is still going ¨ where the hand of man has never set foot ¨ in order to find a new welcoming land for human race.

This time, Captain Patenaude (Guy Jodoin) believes he has found what he is looking for on the planet Esthetika. However, after verification, it is much too small. We therefore propose to propel ourselves into another galaxy when Brad Spitfire (Stéphane Crête) commits a mistake which earns him expulsion on Esthetika. The scientist does not want to be abandoned. He will therefore implement a Machiavellian plan which will plunge the crew into a succession of adventures.