Dave Puhacz / At the big rose - CD

Dave Puhacz / At the big rose - CD

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Dave Puhacz comes to us with a new album recorded live in a studio located in Dorchester, New Brunswick. This studio is a huge pink house. According to Dave, this house is truly magnificent and above all inspiring, which is where the name of his album À la gros rose comes from.

Since Dave had been thinking about this album idea for a long time, the writing process happened very quickly. The challenge was to create a soundtrack that could highlight the texts and give them plenty of space.

This album is co-produced by Thomé Young on bass and Mico Roy on guitar, supported by Maxence Cormier on drums. Dave had dreamed of making an album like this for a long time, purely “outlaw country”. The live album of À la gros rose is composed of nine songs so one is the adaptation of a song by Pagliaro , one co-written with Thomé Young and another with Gaston Cormier .

Album tracks:

1. My desire to drink
2. One foot on the brake
3. The corner of the table
4. Stop time
5. A fly in its liquor
6. Make love outside
7. Louise
8. Knit
9. Scar

Published on December 6, 2019.