David Jalbert / The Middle Finger Volume II - CD

David Jalbert / The Middle Finger Volume II - CD

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Album tracks:

1. Battleship
2. Follow me
3. Who are we to judge
4. On my wall
5. The North Wind
6. The New Orleans wharf
7. 800 KM
8. Let's not cry anymore
9. Hymn to the deceased
10. Mr. The Undertaker
11. Sober, dark and alone

David Jalbert, Originally from Mascouche and son of a guitarist, David discovered very early a passion for music and a desire to perform on stage. Hundreds of shows later, two nominations for the Canadian Folk Music Awards , two ADISQ nominations for Album of the Year - Folk, a SOCAN award for his song "Voyage" and numerous radio singles that rose to fame. at the top of the charts of major Montreal and provincial stations, David Jalbert is now also developing a role as producer in addition to his solo projects. His 15 years in the Quebec musical universe have made David a multidisciplinary artist, closer than ever to his roots and his loyal audience.