Dee / Day by Day - CD

Dee / Day by Day - CD

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With Day by Day , DEE returns with a 2nd album that he composed and co-produced. Multi-instrumentalist and pop tinkerer, DEE is a tireless wizz . Like a prolific mad scientist, he operates daily in his studio where he creates countless tracks . From this constantly renewed repertoire, 11 songs finally underwent, at different stages, the good care of precious collaborators/directors: The Grand brothers (Bran Van 3000, Pascale Picard), Simon Landry (Béluga, Le Husky), Les Troublemakers (Café Fuego) and aKido .

This is how Day by Day was born, an album of 11 tracks which each have their own life. Directors, arrangers, engineers and musicians from all backgrounds took part in the creative and communicative exaltation of DEE . With this album, the vibrant and colorful performer delivers rhythmic charges and unique instrumental deliriums! Inhabited by the beat , musical genres and eras merge and combine, all enhanced by an undeniable melodic sense.

Day by Day : 11 tracks like a rain of hooks! Day by Day : exploded pop! DEE : a playful and magnetic artist connected to an electro power station!

Album tracks:

1. Hot!
2. Whisper
3. We R Live
4. Uh-oh
5. I Think I'm Falling Apart
6. Day by Day
7. When rom the Trees
8. Hey Now
9. Weight of the World
10. Talkin’ About

11. WRLV