Deweare / High Class Trauma - CD

Deweare / High Class Trauma - CD

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High Class Trauma , Deweare ’s first album has finally arrived. The birth was delivered naturally under the keen eyes and ears of Doctors JP-Goncalves , A. McMahon (Plaster) and Carl Bastien (producer on albums by Dumas, Ariane Moffatt, and Daniel Bélanger). These 10 pop/rock tracks will lead the entire nursery to places where minors are not permitted, with far too much cigarette smoke in the sound and well over the recommended amount of gasoline in the mix. Like coke cut with absinthe, Deweare ’s pop boosts your adrenaline and leaves the taste of licorice on your lips. This Frenchman sings of dirty love down on a rug of soul.

A nightingale crooner with a Gainsbourgian air, Deweare pecks at the line dividing funk from punk and invites himself to sit at each and every table. Sparing no stylistic paradox, he mixes the starter with the dessert, according to the teachings of Beck and company. Following in the footsteps of Philip K. Dick, he bases his words on everyday hallucinations, transforms missed dates into music, and adds rhythm to déjà vu.

Track Listing:

1. High Class Trauma
2. Too Bad
3. Swallow
4. The New Dawn
5. Think
6. Horny Illusion
7. Magic Bastard
8. Back from Hell
9. Tiger Woman
10. Taste