Diane Tell / Past simple (Best Of) - CD

Diane Tell / Past simple (Best Of) - CD

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Compilation tracks:

1. I think of you as I love you
2. Stay with me (Second-hand happiness)
3. Numerous connections
4. The Legend of Jimmy
5. The house where I grew up
6. Let’s start again
7. Journey to paradise
8. Gilberto
9. If I were a man
10. I'm in love
11. Often a very long time
12. The cliff
13. We look good
14. Know
15. Get to know each other again
16. I'm not coming, I'm coming

Love has always been a source of inspiration for artists and has given rise to some of the most beautiful songs. There is, for example, The Hymn to Love , Don't Leave Me . And then, there is If I Were a Man , a song that every woman would have loved to write and sing to her loved one. It is with this song that the general public discovers beautiful green eyes and above all a voice, a voice that cannot be forgotten and which transports you into a flood of emotions.

This voice made of sensuality, sweetness, delicacy, is that of Diane Tell . Diane Tell has left her mark on French song and here is a compilation that she designed from start to finish with her best hits as well as some new pieces.