Divine Interface ‎/ Seeking Arrangement - LP Vinyl
Divine Interface ‎/ Seeking Arrangement - LP Vinyl

Divine Interface ‎/ Seeking Arrangement - LP Vinyl

Word and Sound
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  • 140-gram Black Vinyl
  • Includes download code

Track Listing:

A1 So Fine
A2 Slide Piece (Can I Come Sleep in the Cloud with You)
A3 1-800-411-PARANOIA
A4 Sometimes (feat. Fit of Body)

B1 In the Back
B2 Freak Insight
B3 It's Upsetting
B4 Bye Gone

Conversations from a bathroom stall. Greetings shouted across the dance floor. Lines whispered in your ear at the bar. These are just a few of the audible vignettes that make up Drew Briggs' (AKA Divine Interface) latest EP, Seeking Arrangement. Briggs is our steadfast narrator throughout, offering thoughtful meditations on love, time, and what we do with them. He may suspect that love and romance are transactions, but it's not that bleak: on Seeking Arrangement, he's making collages with the receipts.

This was the ethos behind Briggs' decision to name his latest release after the leading sugar baby dating site. Seeking Arrangement is both a nod to his native Atlanta (home to the largest sugar baby population in the country) and a playful commentary on the state of modern romance. Briggs, it turns out, is well acquainted with the subject - a fixture in the local DJ scene by night and an employee of a sex furniture distributor by day, he's built a life around helping people get down.

Briggs' second release as Divine Interface (and first on 2MR) plunges the listener directly into his nightly routine - from club to afterparty to cab ride home. This effort is aided in part by his somewhat unorthodox creative process - most of the album was recorded in his bed, where he set up his equipment to encourage himself to work in the tired hours between gigs and shifts. As a result, the freshness of the material is palpable; the subject matter thoroughly lived-in. It makes perfect sense, after all, for an album about romance to be born between the sheets. Full of field notes from a night well spent, this is bedroom hip-hop done by someone who's hardly home.