Djadja & Dinaz / Spleen - CD
Djadja & Dinaz / Spleen - CD
Djadja & Dinaz / Spleen - CD

Djadja & Dinaz / Spleen - CD

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Album tracks:

1. The cage and the key
2. Full pockets
3. Myself
4. Tomorrow will be better
5. Anonymity
6. Mesh
7. Pare
8. With an open heart
9. Try
11. Certainty
12. Columbine
13. Lost
14. Wolf
15. Loyal
16. It's going to be okay
17. Spleen

In 2021, the Meldoi rapper duo will release their fifth album. There is no question of stopping on such a good path. The mastered pop sounds, a signature “autotune” always present: the story continues. Rap made them take their first planes, and made the little ones in their neighborhood dream. After a sold-out Palais des Sports, they continued their independent journey. This new project already promises very big surprises. Djadja & Dinaz are no longer among the promising young rappers to follow. They are one of those duos who will embody the rap of their decade for years to come!