Double Date with Death / The Beyond - Vinyl LP
Double Date with Death / The Beyond - Vinyl LP

Double Date with Death / The Beyond - Vinyl LP

Doze Management
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Album tracks:

In front of
1. Forest
2. Copy-Paste
3. Black hole
4. Fluorescent

Side B
1. The Princess from Beyond
2. The Beyond
3. Kodak
4. Funicular game

Catchy melodies, thunderous riffs, Double Date with Death is influenced mainly by the punk and Californian garage of its contemporaries. DDWD deploys its passion live in its own way with its old school impulses. The quartet opens up towards a less raw sound by attempting to reinvent itself with L'Au-ailleurs, a brand new album entirely in French.

Recorded at the Pantoum, this new opus marks a real change in the group's history. The designer Elzo Durt is the mastermind behind the visuals which served to mark out the universe around this idea of ​​“the Beyond”, the central theme of the album. The quartet starts with a bang by chaining together the titles with biting guitars and the rest is peppered with layers of synthesizers, a landing pad for the wild energy of the first songs. The journey ends on more psychedelic pop notes and the choruses really hit home. Holding the helm of recording, production and mixing, Guillaume Chiasson (Ponctuation, Bon Enfant, Jesuslesfilles) added his creative touch to the album, while retaining the essence of the group.