Dramatik / The phoenix, once upon a time - CD

Dramatik / The phoenix, once upon a time - CD

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Dramatik is back with a new album The Phénix, Once Upon Many Times .

Synonymous with a key moment in the career of this rapper who no longer needs to be introduced, Le phénix, il été aussi fois , sees itself as the album of his rebirth. After being consumed like a phoenix in the flames of Quebec rap, Dramatik resurfaces.

Surrounded by distinguished guests: Malika Tirolien , FouKi , Loussa , Dan Bigras and Muzion , Dramatik offers a powerful album on which he is responsible for almost the entire production.

Here, his prose is sometimes about the state of the world, sometimes about introspection. She is propelled by complex rhyme with multiple meanings, coupled with an unparalleled flow, hence her reputation as a master of words.

And if there's one thing to remember, it's that Dramatik is the new phoenix of Quebec rap.

Album tracks:

1. Genetik Ghetto (volume 5)
2. Playwright (Explicit)
3. Revolt towards (feat. Dan Fiyah Beats)
4. Enuff (feat. La Dame, Rashym)
5. Youth Epicenter (feat. Dan Bigras)
6. Standing (feat. Disoul, Ruby)
7. Folo (feat. Malika Tirolien)
8. O sky (Explicit)
9. #Savage (feat. FouKi, Loussa) (Explicit)
10. Let It Go (feat. Malika Tirolien, Kathi)
11. Shadow (feat. Muzion)
12. Miracle (feat. Malika Tirolien)