EHLA / Pause - CD

EHLA / Pause - CD

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First album

90's groove in a contemporary setting

After a promising EP and a single that went around the world thanks to the soundtrack of Emily in Paris , “Pas d'ici”, Ehla took the time to make, with velvet and gold threads, her first album. With a warm R'n'B, nourished by pop echoes and a sense of the French-speaking text, Ehla, an accomplished songwriter and performer, brings together 11 brief but intense pieces. Ehla sticks to the essentials since it is about telling stories – with as much modesty as sincerity. Rhythm, therefore, a little blue to the soul... And, above all, an irresistible impulse of life which draws us into this groovy cocoon from which we no longer want to escape.

  1. Magic 2'58
  2. Authorization 3'42
  3. 1000 years 2'47
  4. The blind spot 2'22
  5. Mortal 2'51
  6. Rain of love 3'24
  7. I don't want an artist 3
  8. Dessert first 2'42
  9. Like Sophia 2'35
  10. On the shore 3'15
  11. False problems 3'13