Elams / Thug Life - CD
Elams / Thug Life - CD
Elams / Thug Life - CD

Elams / Thug Life - CD

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Album tracks:

1. Bang Bang
2. Teresa Mendoza
3. La Vida (feat. Hatik)
4. Guitar
5. Bobo
6. Last Option
7. Kodo (feat. Vegedream)
8. Bressom Mentality
9. Yowa
10. Jump ship
11. Lolita
12. My Nana
13. Bracelet
14. Thug Life
15. Baltimore
16. Stroller in the lobby
17. Long term
18. Since you have to live

At a time when Marseille rap is shining more than ever, carried by its flamboyant ambassadors from 13 Organisé , Elams promises to establish himself as an essential figure in this scene with the album Thug Life .

It is accompanied by big names and through his love stories, his street stories, that Elams tells us in this album, more introspective than the previous one, his story. We also find touching and intimate titles where he confides in the loss of his manager and right-hand man, Flo . Others, with sunny rhythms and catchy melodies, have everything to be the next bangers of tomorrow.