Emilie Clepper / What You See - CD

Emilie Clepper / What You See - CD

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Of Quebec and Texan origins, the young “folkeuse” Emilie Clepper presents her second album entitled What You See . Songs that speak of the countries that inhabit it, produced live in the studio by his accomplice, the talented multi-instrumentalist Joe Grass .

Emilie Clepper signs a record with sounds roots mastered, highlighting her deep and nuanced voice, part of the tradition of these singer-songwriters folk who sing with body and soul. Emilie shares her roots folk with her Texan family, her father Russell Clepper having transmitted to her this musical heritage which she embodies with authenticity and character.

What You See definitely represents a unique musical proposition in Quebec. This project is carried out with talent by Emilie and her close collaborators ( Robbie Kuster and José Major drums/percussion; Joe Grass guitars and lapsteel ; Miles Perkin double bass; Jérôme Dupras bass; Warren Spicer piano/vocals; Joshua Zubot violin; Zachary Clepper and Johanne Lauzon vocals), creators of a sincere album that touches the heart from the first listen.

Remarkable talent, great maturity, songs that connect with us. Emilie Clepper : an artist to discover on record and on stage.

Album tracks:

1. Wearing You
2. Come to Me
3. You You
4. No Use in Trying
5. Don't Break The Spell
6. Sarah and Isaac
7. Lake Geneva
8. What You See
9. Hill Country Night
10. My Wonder
11. Freight train