Félix Stüssi / Super Nova 4 - CD

Félix Stüssi / Super Nova 4 - CD

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Album tracks:

1. TRT (Tapir Racing Team)
2. Trifle
3. Round blues
4. Bonobo
5. Vulture
6. The new African
7. Catch 22
8. Stray Horn
9. G Jam Blues
10. Super 8

Only three times in a thousand years have supernovas been observed with the naked eye in the Milky Way. The chances that you will ever be dazzled by one of these stellar explosions are therefore very slim. So, don't miss the unique opportunity to catch the debut album of Super Nova 4! Jean Derome (alto & baritone sax and flute), Félix Stüssi (piano), Normand Guilbeault (double bass), and Pierre Tanguay (drums) invite you on a journey to their luminous musical galaxies.

Super Nova 4 presents a whole new repertoire of original compositions that are rooted in the traditions of jazz and blues, but at the same time wide open to the future and the cosmos. This music is both intense and catchy, soft and fragile, often funny, always fresh and authentic.

By opting for live recording, the four musicians transform themselves into tightrope walkers and play without a safety net. This way of proceeding is in perfect harmony with the great musical spontaneity of the group.

The music in Super Nova 4 goes straight to the heart. Whether you are more “Bonobo” or more “Urubu”, to cite two of the titles from the new repertoire, you will not come out of this musical adventure unscathed!

Musicians: Jean Derome (alto & baritone sax & flute), Félix Stüssi (piano), Normand Guilbeault (double bass), Pierre Tanguay (drums)