Flip / Plane ticket - CD

Flip / Plane ticket - CD

BBT Wreck-Hurdz
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Album tracks:

1. New level
2. Tank
3. Plane ticket
4. PRDD (feat. Ruffneck & Buzzy Bwoy)
5. I want to see you
6. We don’t know each other
7. John Lennon
8. Guest of honor
9. Between two flights (feat. Max Roll)
10. Voicemail
11. Now We Good (feat. Ruffneck)
12. This was to be expected

Handling rap, hip hop, R&B and pop brilliantly as very few know how, Montreal artist Flip shows us that he can now keep a high level rhythm on a complete album.

Thanks to this 12-piece effort, his place among the greats of French-speaking urban music is entirely legitimate. Undoubtedly at the top of his art, the best hope of recent years from the legendary Quebec label Les Disques BBT makes a fully assumed “statement”. Moreover, the appearance of renowned collaborators on the album, whether for vocals or productions, supports these facts ( Ruffneck , Buzzy Bwoy and Farfadet , to name a few).

Without a doubt, fans of urban music will find what they're looking for: catchy melodies and songs, punchy rhymes and varied atmospheres are there. With “Plane Ticket”, Flip offers himself a one-way ticket to the highest peaks!