France D'Amour / Best Of - CD

France D'Amour / Best Of - CD

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For the first time on disc, a Best Of studio recordings by France D'Amour . Finally, the greatest hits of this artist, who has more than 25 years of career, brought together on a single compilation.

The songs are presented in chronological order of radio broadcast. D'Amour has to her credit more than 40 songs that have been played on the radio, and here she presents her Best Of ... to date.

Compilation tracks:

1. Elsewhere
2. Animal
3. Alive
4. My brother
5. Don't go away
6. I still love you
7. Dolly… We are as we are
8. If it were true
9. I understand
10. The heart is a bird
11. Only words
12. I won't go anywhere else
13. I hear your voice
14. I take my guitar
15. Happiness catches your eye
16. Jigsaw
17. Through your eyes
18. We are done