Fred Fortin / The floor of cows - CD

Fred Fortin / The floor of cows - CD

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  • CD Cardboard sleeve

    Album tracks:

    1. Chaouin
    2. Canayens
    3. Leo’s walk
    4. Mr. Net
    5. Gaspard (with Mononc' Serge)
    6. Hard in my bed
    7. Gaston
    8. 1-2-3-2-2-3
    9. Crow
    10. Ben buzzed
    11. Small row

    Unclassifiable, irreverent and above all unpredictable, Fred Fortin continues to reinvent himself. Once again solo after the devastating adventure of the group Gros Mené , in 1998, he returned to The Floor of Cows with a trashy folk album with very down-to-earth, even primary, lyrics.

    His songs talk about crabs ("Gaston"), erections ("Bandé dans mon lit") or masturbation ("Chaouin"), but also about time passing away and love "which finds it long". The tone oscillates between indifference and derision. Yet even these neglected lyrics, these rough guitars and these backyard rhythms bear the mark of extraordinary talent and sensitivity.

    Less refined than Joseph Antoine Frédéric Fortin Perron , released in 1996, The Floor of Cows still demonstrates a fierce independence of mind and a desire to disturb that admirers of Plume Latraverse or Mononc' Serge will understand without difficulty. Chaste ears refrain.