Gaël Faye / Flowers (EP) - CD

Gaël Faye / Flowers (EP) - CD

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After sowing his botanical rhythms on the most beautiful stages in France and while waiting for the blossoming of his second album, Gaël Faye makes a stopover in the studio for a new EP: Des fleurs .

A bouquet of five titles offered to the public, who can hear for the first time pieces played live but never recorded before ( By , Tropical and Dinosaurs , in entirely rearranged versions) as well as two unreleased songs: BaladeBrazilian and Jackie Jacky Jack .

More minimalist than its predecessor, Flowers is not simplistic. The compositions of Guillaume Poncelet , magnified by a sophisticated production, once again form the ideal breeding ground on which the lyrical flow of Gaël Faye flourishes.

Tracks from the EP:

1. Brazilian stroll (feat. Flavia Coelho)
2. Jackie Jacky Jack
3. By
4. Tropical
5. Dinosaurs