Gaël Faye / Wicked Monday - 2LP Vinyl
Gaël Faye / Wicked Monday - 2LP Vinyl

Gaël Faye / Wicked Monday - 2LP Vinyl

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Monday Méchant is a concept born in Bujumbura (Burundi).

Initially, this was the name of the parties organized every Monday evening in the “ 5 sur 5 ” nightclub in the popular and cosmopolitan district of Bwiza. Clients of this establishment are used to meeting there every Monday from midnight to dance, drink and have fun until dawn […]. Going to “ Mean Mondays ” means thumbing your nose at modern society which frames the individual in schedules and shackles that would like us to wait until the weekend to have fun. “ Mean Mondays ” are there to affirm the independence of the individual in the face of regulated times and schedules imposed by society.

[…] “ Mean Monday ” means starting each week with the desire to deal with life, the difficulties of everyday life, the political and economic crises that shake us. It’s reversing one’s perception of the world. »

- Gaël Faye

  • Double LP Vinyl @ 45 RPM
  • Gatefold Pouch

Album tracks:

Disc 1

In front of
1. Kerozen
2. Breathe
3. Rowing

Side B
1. Boomer
2. Only Way Is Up (feat. Jacob Banks)
3. Mean Monday

Disc 2

Side C
1. It's cool
2. Alone and Defeated (feat. Mélissa Laveaux)
3. Glows
4. Love story

Side D
1. NYC
2. Jump in the Line
3. Zanzibar 4. Kwibuka (feat. Samuel Kamanzi)