Gros Mené / Kill this drum Pierre Bouchard - CD

Gros Mené / Kill this drum Pierre Bouchard - CD

La Tribu
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  • CD Cardboard sleeve

Album tracks:

1. Ski-doo
2. Constipated
3. Gros Mené
4. Garage
6. Pawn Shop
7. Marcel
8. Stonefly
9. Panache
10. Mom dear
11. Convenience store
12. Seed
13. Mr. Farmer
14. Fish
15. Bobette
16. Plotte
17. Kill this drum Pierre Bouchard
18. Saku Koivu

Kill this drum Pierre Bouchard is the first album by the group Gros Mené , a side project of Fred Fortin .

Recorded in a chalet in Saint-Félicien, in the Lac St-Jean region, in Quebec, the album Tue ce drum Pierre Bouchard was released on April 6, 1999 between Fortin's first two solo albums and introduced a more experimental sound.

For Gros Mené , the singer-songwriter enlists the services of guitarist Olivier Langevin , which marks the beginning of a long collaboration between the two musicians. We also find in Gros Mené the drummer Michel Dufour , former drummer of Colocs . Fred Fortin 's young son “sings” on the last piece of the album, “ Saku Koivu ”. The Pierre Bouchard who lends his name to the title of the album is a drummer who contributes to less than half of the pieces on the disc.

This album was the first to appear on the La Tribu label.