Guillaume Arsenault / The part of me that trembles - CD

Guillaume Arsenault / The part of me that trembles - CD

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Album tracks:

1. The path of the Montants
2. Almost
3. Monsters
4. Run
5. The part of me that trembles
6. It rained again
7. Percolator
8. My rivers to the sea
9. The fires of spring
10. Plymouth Volare
11. Fragments

The part of me that trembles , sixth album by singer-songwriter Guillaume Arsenault , produced by Mathieu Pelletier-Gagnon . We take an inner journey punctuated by nostalgia and hope and by all those intangible things that nourish existence. In pursuit of the monsters hiding there, sometimes at a run, sometimes slowly, we take in a panoramic view of the landscape. We come across diverse, but complementary worlds.

Here, the music seeks its balance between prettiness and twist. The folk songs are dressed with keyboards and hypnotic rhythms from the world of electronica music. They undergo fine electronic manipulations which reveal rather soft melodies, improbable little creatures, in the cracks. Folk simplicity and cheeky electronic degeneration.