Henri Texier / Mad Nomad(s) - CD

Henri Texier / Mad Nomad(s) - CD

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Album originally released in 1997 under the Label Bleu label.

Sonjal Septet

Noël Akchoté: guitar
François Corneloup: baritone and alto saxophones
Julien Lourau: tenor and soprano saxophones
Jacques Mahieux: drums, percussion
Henri Texier: double bass, oud, percussion, voice
Sébastien Texier: clarinet, alto saxophone
Bojan Z: piano, keyboards

Azur Trio

Tony Rabeson: drums
Henri Texier: double bass
Bojan Z: piano

Album tracks:

1. SOS Tibet
2. Mad Nomad(s)
3. SOS Fanantenana
4. Dezarwa (for AT)
5. Go!
6. SOS Dour
7. Obstruction
8. SOS Tamasheq
9. Happy House
10. Radio Bo
11. Blasted Rats
12. SOS Hozho
13. The Band Over The Clouds
14. SOS Mir