Jacques Higelin / BBH75 (1974) - CD
Jacques Higelin / BBH75 (1974) - CD

Jacques Higelin / BBH75 (1974) - CD

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The title of the album, BBH , is formed by the initials of the name of the three musicians who participated: Benarroch , Boisenton , Higelin .

Charles Bennaroch : drums, percussion, harmonica
Simon Boiezon : bass, guitars
Jacques Higelin : voice

If Cigarette and A fly on my mouth , written by Jacques Higelin alone, still remain in the minimalist vein of the era of the Saravah label, the other titles, co-written with the album's guitarist Simon Boisenton , mark a decisive shift in Higelin's career: until then a folk singer with an experimental tendency, he achieved the status of a rock star, witness to the violence of the great suburbs.

The album was initially to be titled BBH74 , but only released at the end of 1974, it was finally called BBH75 .

According to the French edition of Rolling Stone magazine, this album is the 5th best French rock album. The album is certified gold for 100,000 copies sold.

Album tracks:

1. Paris - New York, New York - Paris
2. Cigarettes
3. Mona Lisa honks
4. Hot, hot business show
5. Is my guitar a gun?
6. A fly on my mouth
7. Esophagus Boogie, Cardiac Blues
8. Boxon