Iliona / Sadness (EP) - CD

Iliona / Sadness (EP) - CD

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  • CD Cardboard sleeve

Tracks from the EP:

2. Another life
3. Rest
4. Catch Me
5. Tulips
6. Less pretty
7. Daisy
8. Magic wand

Like a big child whose heart has been broken, Iliona untangles herself from her fears and wounds through her songs. Between the influences of Françoise Hardy, Lily Allen, Barbara and even the Beatles, she scribbles bits of songs that she creates, composes and writes alone, like little drawings from a diary. Her vision extends beyond notes: from the film “Palo Alto” ​​to the paintings of Egon Schiele, the young artist draws her inspiration from different artistic disciplines. Between control freak and geek, her demands push her to dissect music, photo and video software all night long until she obtains the desired result. Creating his universe from his bedroom in Brussels, discreetly, his irresistible and captivating music touches the heart.