Ingrid St-Pierre ‎/ My little mam'zelle de chemin - CD

Ingrid St-Pierre ‎/ My little mam'zelle de chemin - CD

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Illegitimate child of Desjardins, Fersen, Hardy and other monuments of French and Quebecois song, Ingrid St-Pierre grew up soaking up their poetry. She developed a passion for words at a very young age, which she knitted little by little, one stitch at a time, on the blue lines of the Canada notebooks initially intended for academic subjects. She wrote her texts on the black and white of the family piano and composed her very first songs there, around the age of 17.

Focusing on the timeless piano-voice duo, Ingrid follows in the footsteps of her idols, displaying a style all her own, handling an imaginative poetry, sometimes subtly humorous, sometimes simple and refined. From stage to stage, from competition to festival, Ingrid makes her way, piano notes under the tips of her knuckles and her poetry on the tip of her tongue...

Album tracks:

1. Mercury with chromium and little bandages
2. Cranial homeostasis
3. Stuck on your taste buds
4. Desjardins
5. White frills
6. Exes
7. Basil pasta
8. Under the watercolors
9. A firefly on a high
10. T’sé
11. Strings