Innocent - Blu-Ray

Innocent - Blu-Ray

TVA Films
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Technical sheet

French language
Sound: 5.1 Dolby TrueHD
Subtitles: English
Image format: 16:9
Duration: 88 minutes


A good guy (Emmanuel Bilodeau) finds himself trapped by five girls in a whole series of incredible adventures where a winning lottery ticket of 2 million, hungry tigers and bottles of chloroform do not mix. Confronted in turn with characters, each more twisted than the last: a crazy ex-blonde (Mahée Paiement), unfaithful twins (Sandrine Bisson), a dangerous criminal (David La Haye), a capricious blonde (Pascale Bussières), a neighbor who is no longer in her right mind (Dorothée Berryman) and a cross-country brother-in-law (Bobby Beshro), Francis will have to defy appearances in order to get out of trouble and convince a specialist (Réal Bossé) that he is not really just a poor Innocent.