Jean-Marie Benoît / The Great Seduction (BOF/OST) - CD

Jean-Marie Benoît / The Great Seduction (BOF/OST) - CD

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Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by Jean-Marie Benoît

A versatile instrumentalist and composer, Jean-Marie Benoît has written the music for cinema and television for works such as Jésus de Montréal , Ding et Dong le film , Louis 19 , La Conciergerie , Agent of Influence and Willie . By creating more than a hundred Bell messages, he gave their musical colors to the multiple faces of Mr. B.

With The Great Seduction , Jean-Marie Benoît has produced his most personal work, restoring in its candor as in its grandeur all the humanity that imbues the film. His sound palette transports us, from the naivety of an accordion and the fragility of a guitar with Irish accents to the majesty of a symphony orchestra, which he himself conducted.

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Album tracks:

1. The great seduction
2. A healthy dose of shame
3. The time of illusions
4. The big cleaning
5. A bottle in the sea
6. A dangerous game
7. Feet
8. Time of Heroes
9. The great disturbance
10. Favorite
11. The price of lying
12. The plain truth