Jeanne Added / Air (EP) - CD

Jeanne Added / Air (EP) - CD

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EP track:

1. Air
2. Understand
3. Off My Back
4. Cursed
5. If You Could Let Me Be
6. Call Me
7. Insecurity
8. Say It Again

The more Jeanne Added writes, the more her horizon broadens.

His EP “ Air ” is a parallel object, a speech on the margins, instinctive and spontaneous. Thought alongside her past and future albums, Air ” is a breath in which she experiments and shares her questions, like breathing.

Each title unfolds without preconceived idea, without seeing itself doing, in an impulse, an always visceral need for expression.

There we find lifelong accomplices, Emiliano Turi his drummer on stage, but also Max Hershenowet and Rob Kleiner , already present as co-composers on the album Radiate .