Jeanne Added / Be Sensational - Vinyl LP

Jeanne Added / Be Sensational - Vinyl LP

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Revelation of the Trans-musicales de Rennes 2014, Jeanne Added will be the artist to follow in 2015. Known for her numerous collaborations, she is releasing her first solo project Be Sensational . The result is strong, even brutal. Listening to the album immerses us in a unique universe that places Jeanne Added directly among the greats.

Produced by Dan Levy (The The Dø), we have the sensation of listening to a classic to the point of listening to it again straight away to be convinced.

Track Listing:

Side A
1. A War Is Coming
2. It
3. Look at Them
4. Miss It All
5. Be Sensational
6. Lydia

Side B
1. Back to Summer
2. Night Shame Pride
3. Ready
4. Suddenly