Jeanne Added / Radiate - Vinyl LP

Jeanne Added / Radiate - Vinyl LP

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The wind has turned, the smoke has blown away, the fire is burning...

After the success of his last album Be Sensational and a tour of more than 200 concerts, Jeanne Added returns with a new album, Radiate . Through it, the singer shines, she sings with a fervor intoxicating with emotions. Real, close, relaxed, she sings with her face uncovered.

For his second opus, Jeanne Added Explains: “I wanted more voices, that is to say, to hear my voice as I know it, to make it heard in a broader spectrum.”

Frédéric Soulard (whom she has known since the Conservatoire National Supérieur de Paris, member of the group Limousine) and Mar Kerr (former drummer of Rita Mitsouko) form together Maestro and signed the production of the album “Two immense musicians, she specifies, Fred is at home in any machine, any synthesizer and Mark is a great drum machine programmer, and an unstoppable drummer . Plus they are absolutely irresistible live, Maestro it’s tense, exciting, physical.”

For the duo Maestro , “she has a unique way of focusing her energy, there is density and direction in every phrase she sings. We still had to get into this sound, this approach and its demands” they explain.

Masterful, the voice of Jeanne Added is irresistible. It radiates, bewitches, disarms, disturbs. It makes you addicted, in love, happy, alive. The gods are furious, epidermal and volcanic, the voice of Jeanne Added raises mountains, our mountains. The big ones, the small ones.

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Album tracks:

Side A
1. Remake
2. Falling Hearts
3. Radiate
4. Before The Sun
5. Mutate

Side B
1. Enemy
2. Both Sides
3. Harmless
4. Songs 1-2
5. Years Have Passed