Jérôme Minière / The true and the false - CD

Jérôme Minière / The true and the false - CD

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The true the false brings together 12 pieces, all luminous and powerful, songs with finely crafted lyrics, electro pop melodies that stay in the memory for a long time. A lucid and sensitive vision of the world which marks an essential passage in the discography of Jérôme Minière .

Surrounded by his fellow musicians Denis Ferland and José Major , Jérôme also has some choice guests on the album: Bïa on April, Ngâbo on The sets , Albin de la Simone on A completely naked song .

Album tracks:

1. The true and the false
2. Feet and hands
3. The world is here
4. April (with Bïa)
5. Indifference
6. Others
7. What we are considering
8. Nothing to tell you
9. Spanish coffee
11. The decorations
12. A naked song