Joseph Carré / Magic! - CD

Joseph Carré / Magic! - CD

Productions Bizarre!
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  • CD 5" cardboard sleeve

Album tracks:

1. A New Journey
2. Magical, Hypnotic
3. The Electric Werewolf
4. The Ghosts
5. Louise
6. Weird!
7. The Echo
8. Goodbye

New artist on the French-speaking scene, Joseph Carré , mysterious bard with the white guitar, astonishes with his first single “ Les Fantômes ” which will appear in more than 6 charts across Quebec, including three #1 (Stingray Franco Pop, CKRL , CIMS). The b side of the extract, “ Magic, Hypnotique ”, will also be #1 at CKRL and the second extract “ Bizarre! » will resonate in France. With his first album “ Magic! », Joseph Carré recounts the legends and myths of his adventure: his magical pop, his occult rock, his clumsy gospel.