JP “Le Pad” Tremblay / rrrik tffhu (the onomatopoeia of a spit) - CD
JP “Le Pad” Tremblay / rrrik tffhu (the onomatopoeia of a spit) - CD

JP “Le Pad” Tremblay / rrrik tffhu (the onomatopoeia of a spit) - CD

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  • CD Cardboard sleeve
  • Includes a 32-page booklet with lyrics

Album tracks:

1. Mental illness
2. You smell good
3. Demon
4. Gentleman Farmer
5. My eye
6. Agricultural revolution
7. You have everything you need
8. I'm running after what
9. Lazy afternoon
10. Mountain
12. Wine cellar
13. Dull

“Le Pad writes texts of a quality that is difficult to approach in Quebec. […] Below the layer of fat, the meat of the texts is tender. The filet mignon is cut and tied with skill, with the passion of the professional butcher, and with the talent and patience of the artisan. » Music journalist Félix B. Desfossés skillfully summarizes the style that made the mark of the Quebec singer Redneck Bluegrass Project (QRBP). A little less than a year after the release of his group's latest effort, the popular " J'ai Bu ", Jean-Philippe "Le Pad" Tremblay released his first solo album.

Throughout “ rrrik tffhu (the onomatopoeia of a spit) ”, the singer-songwriter oscillates between the darkness of his reflections and the gratitude he feels in the face of the little joys that life brings him, all with this touch of squeaky humor and this inimitable Quebecois joke which characterize him so well.

In the foreground, the guitar, his favorite instrument of the “Pad”, is deployed in all its forms: acoustic, electric or resonator and gypsy.

The production is a signature of Marc Déry. For four months, the two artists refined and recorded the songs in a chalet in Lac-Saint-Jean.

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