Jul / It's not LOL - 2CD

Jul / It's not LOL - 2CD

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Album tracks:

CD 1
1. 6.35
2. Ibiza (feat. Jimmy Sax)
3. Mexico City
4. My love baby
5. Oh mom
6. Cremosso
7. I need to get out of here
8. In the club
9. Move Me Away (feat. Gips, Houari GP, le K, Gambi, TK, Moubarak, Miklo, A-Deal, Kamikaz)
10. It doesn't fall from the sky
11. Sanchelita
12. Too bad for you
13. Pow Pow
14. There's the police Jul (feat. Gips, Moubarak, TK)
15. Dating
16. A box
17. It eats the bar
18. It's not LOL
19. Neck Breaking, pt. 3

CD 2
1. Glued to the mic
2. At the toll
3. The down jacket
4. Magic weed
5. Flow
6. Crocodile
7. I don’t give a damn
8. Niah
9. It shot
10. I put the way (feat. Vladimir Nightmare)
11. You're a jerk
12. The fight
13. I'm old enough
14. Take me
15. Platinum Cartel (feat. Gips, TK, Mubarak)
16. All alone (Mubarak)
17. Kish Kush Kash (TK)
18. Touloutoutou

Like every December since I can't sleep in 2014, JUL slips a new project under the Christmas tree. Released on his own gold and platinum label, his double album C'est pas des LOL sees everything big with 37 titles and prestigious featurings like Gips , Moubarak and Vladimir Cauchemar . Announced by Ibiza , alongside French saxophonist Jimmy Sax , the first part of the project promises to be particularly euphoric. On the B side, the rapper from the Marseille city appears more nervous and eccentric, like the delirious Beuhmagique .