Just Robert / My Favorite Mammal - Vinyl LP

Just Robert / My Favorite Mammal - Vinyl LP

La Tribu
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  • 180g black vinyl record
  • Gatefold pouch

Album tracks:

In front of
1. Like a bird
2. #kanyewest
3. Electronic loves
4. Under our old records
5. Captain Flame

Side B
1. My favorite mammal
2. When loved
3. Bulldozer
4. The monster
5. Feather Heart
6. Dandelions of lights

Since 2014, the sculptor Jean-Robert Drouillard has sometimes become a singer under the pseudonym Juste Robert . On the occasion of his album My favorite mammal , to be released in winter 2019, La Tribu invited him to join its beautiful troupe of singer-songwriters. Juste Robert 's words are precious, tied together to form a whole that is beautifully shaky and pure at the same time.