Just Robert ‎/ Your theory on light - CD

Just Robert ‎/ Your theory on light - CD

La Tribu
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  • CD Cardboard sleeve
  • Includes a 12-page booklet

Album tracks:

1. The letter
2. Upstream
3. Silence and slowness
4. Your theory about light
5. Welded to you
6. The dog
7. Under the sound of helicopters
8. The gray of fairies
9. The sparrow
10. A shelter to watch the rain

The sculptor Jean-Robert Drouillard , based in Quebec, became a songwriter under the pseudonym Juste Robert . With the album My favorite mammal (released in 2019 by La Tribu), many became passionate and mentioned the names of Tire le coyote and Desjardins when talking about his writing and his very special voice. He now offers Your theory on light , his third album, produced in Quebec by Benoit “Shampouing” Villeneuve (long-time accomplice of Tire le coyote ).

" Your theory on light offers a series of songs with folk structures, slightly rock, rarely but sometimes pop, poetic, engaged if you look at it. It's soft, it's beautiful, it's intimate and sometimes, bang, it’s brewing.” – Juste Robert