Kasper Bjørke ‎/ After Forever - LP Vinyl
Kasper Bjørke ‎/ After Forever - LP Vinyl

Kasper Bjørke ‎/ After Forever - LP Vinyl

Word and Sound
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  • Limited edition
  • 140-gram Gray Marbled Vinyl
  • Includes MP3 download code

Track Listing:

A1 Rush 6:37
A2 Sylvia 5:48
A3 Marbled Blood 7:44
A4 TNR 4:10
B1 Grit 5:20
B2 Lies 3:29
B3 Into Smithereens 6:25
B4 Apart 5:45
B5 Forever 4:14

Kasper Bjørke returns with an exquisite new album, 'After Forever', the Danish producer's boldest and most elegant statement to date.

The scene has been set by two lead singles: 'Rush' featuring Tobias Buch - and 'Sylvia' featuring CTM. Moving away from previous 70s disco-inspired sound, Kasper explores new terrain in contemporary, melancholic synth pop; his productions merging themselves into a multicolored soundscape with echoes from Post Disco/Punk, Kraut and New Wave.

"After Forever is good for dark, sad dancing - or a headphone journey inwards," says Kasper, "I feel like I really went somewhere else on this album, to a place where I haven't been before. Out of my safety zone and into a darker space."